For almost thirty years, Éditions Contrechamps has been publishing reference works that encourage a better understanding of 20th and 21st century music.

In the last two centuries, the nature of musical creation has changed. Instead of relying on shared codes within a well-established tradition, our time is distinguished by its diversity, which often leads idiosyncratic new works that must be experienced on their own terms. We can no longer apprehend musical works with traditional tools or pre-established knowledge. Such work asks is challenging, as it asks us : Where to begin when faced with so many individual and sometimes contradictory approaches ? And, how can we grasp their meaning ?

This is where Éditions Contrechamps steps in. In each event we will present you with texts by the artists where they reflect on their work, as well as critical readings that place work in context and suggest additional entrance points. We seek to create a bridge between composer and listener to enhance your experience and open up interpretive spaces.

The rigorous effort put into the preparation of the texts, the quality of the translations and carefully considered presentations has brought many well deserved awards to Éditions Contrechamps and created a valued reference in contemporary music.

Philippe Albèra
Director of Éditions


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