When a sounding body is near a resonant body, it may bring the latter to vibrate and draw out its acoustic properties.

Contrechamps is both a sounding and resonant body. During my first year in Geneva, I listened to partners, directors and artists. I kept an open ear for resonances to current philosophical, artistic and cultural practice and thinking. These harmonics informed and inspired this season’s programme. Each evening is assembled following a similar principle : the works mutually vibrate, either by contrast, similarity or natural attraction. You too will be able to resonate inside a symbiotic universe of artists and audiences.

Creation and experimentation play an important role, allowing projects to grow, intuitions to materialise, and wonderful surprises to happen. The richness and diversity of the present arts scene becomes self-evident throughout the programme.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the artists and performers of Geneva and beyond. I thank them warmly for their ideas and commitment, as well as for our dynamic and generous discussions. I am especially proud and appreciative of our artistic collaborators this season, who bring to our program openness without any preconceptions.

This is an invitation for you, dear audience, to let yourself be surprised and join our community. Come and support musical creation, discuss content and context, demystify, delve into philosophy – or simply share a drink. Let yourself fearlessly vibrate and become sounding bodies throughout the season yourselves !

Serge Vuille

Artistic director